FAN MAIL: The Good, the Bad, & the Funny!

The Good

     “Hey, I just read your [Confessions of a White Girl] essay – it’s fantastic! I absolutely feel you about the ability to “turn off” and just forget about the problems – the privilege of being able to do that has definitely shaped me as a person.  And, I agree that it’s a core aspect of what it means to be white – or male, or straight, or economically well off or any number of things.  So many of these issues are really just abstractions to me, and the ability to just say, “all right, I can’t think about this anymore or I’ll go crazy” is just such an easy thing [for me] to do. I would imagine that that same attitude is what King talks about in his Letter From a Birmingham Jail.  It’s why I don’t like qualifying my support for feminism or social justice or any other like causes.  My intellectual comfort isn’t really important in these discussions about real issues that people must face all the time.  I’m excited to read more of the book.”

The Bad  

     Who is this white person who took the time to find my address and mail me this postcard?





     According to the FBI, I am more likely to be a victim of a crime committed by a white, heterosexual, male — whom I know — than by a person of color.


The Funny

“I bet she’s a lot of fun at the dinner table.”

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